Fraser Island is a World Heritage Listed National Park with limited infrastructure and services in terms of communication, medical services and mechanical assistance. Parts of the Island are classed as semi-remote. This means you will have to be reasonably self sufficient . We recommend that you bring drinking water, food, necessary medication and a personal first aid kit. We supply a tyre gauge, sand tracks and a shovel for you to use if you become stuck in the sand which is is all part of the adventure.

To access the National Park with a vehicle and to camp you will need permits from Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services. Fraser Magic will arrange your national park driving permit and your camping permits for you.


Time needed on Fraser

Fraser Island is a big Island and travel on the sandy tracks between the sights take time. Travelling on the beach is necessary to reach some of the beautiful places to visit which means managing the trip around the high tides. We help with the planning during the mandatory information briefing.  Beach driving is usually not possible a minimum of two hours before and after the high tide. To see the main sights on Fraser without rushing we recommend that you plan for three days on the island.

With two days you will still be able to see some of the main sights – we suggest that you relax and see a little less of Fraser rather than rushing and trying to see everything.

One day is possible in low season,  – the barge and permit  are fixed costs – it is more cost effective to spread these costs over a 2 or 3 day trip.  Beach driving might not be possible if the high-tide is in the middle of the day but you can still explore some of the gorgeous inland sights, such as Lake Mackenzie. 



In order to prepare you for your trip to Fraser Island  we provide an information briefing including a video on sand driving and information on the National Park. A suggested itinerary is discussed to ensure that you can maximise the time that you have on Fraser.  We also explain how to operate the vehicle including when to use the high and low range gears.


Getting there

The briefing usually takes place at 6.30 am so you can take the ferry at 08:30am. Return ferry on the last day at 5.00pm.

There are later options to go across and earlier departures on return. Again you need to keep the tides in mind if your accommodation on Fraser is only reachable via the beach.  Just send an email and we can help with suggesting the most suitable barge and briefing times. 



To make a booking, send an enquiry from our rates page.  We will reply with an email with all the information including link to a secure form where you can confirm the booking by giving your credit card information.

Or call us on +61 (0)7 4125 6612.  Once the details are received we complete the booking and send a full confirmation email.