Are there any hidden costs ?

The price for the vehicle hire includes the ferry return cost, the QPWS vehicle access permit and with the camping options also the camping permits.

Additional cost is fuel.


Is there a possibility to park my car while I am on Fraser ?

Parking is complementary inside our fenced compound.


Do I have to wash the car on return ?

No we will clean the car – the cost is included in the hire of the vehicle. When you come back tired from your Fraser Island adventure, washing a car is probably one of the last thing you want to do.


What is the minimum age to hire a 4WD for Fraser Island ?

Drivers need to be a minimum of 21 years old and have held their license for at least two years.


What about Insurance ?

Third party insurance cover is included with an excess of $2500 for multiple vehicle accidents.

This can be reduced to $1000 for a fee of $35 per day.

 Single vehicle accidents are not covered, but we usually cap the payment for the repair at $2500 unless there is a breach of the hire contract.

Water damage is at the hirers’ cost regardless of the cause.

Some customers are choosing to use travel insurance to cover their excess on the vehicle.


When is the deposit returned ?

The deposit is a pre-authorisation which is not transferred in to our account but  held by your bank. It is released automatically after five working days - one week including the weekend. On rare occasions this takes longer with some overseas banks, in which case we recommend that you contact your bank.


Is there a first aid kit in the car?

First aid kits provided in the vehicle are for emergency first aid in case of serious injuries until a paramedic arrives or first aid post can be reached. If the sealed package is opened it will be charged at $50.

For minor cuts and blisters it is advisable to bring your own personal kit.


Do I need to book the campgrounds ?

We will book the campgrounds on Fraser Island for you. As much as possible we use the fenced campgrounds with toilets and coin operated showers in Dundubara and Central Station. A three minute shower requires a $2 coin.

Beach camping is also possible in designated areas. 


What is included in the camp gear ?

The camping package is complete, except for sleeping bags. If you don’t have your own you can hire them as well.

See:  camping-equipment


Can I sleep in the car ?

The cars are not equipped to sleep in. The loading space is not long enough for an adult to lay down. You can hire a tent or only a part of the camping equipment if you already have your own gear. If you choose to sleep in the vehicle you will still have to pay the QPWS camping fees.


Can we have a camp-fire on Fraser Island ?

Fires are only allowed in designated fire rings at Dundubara Campground. At times there is a complete fire ban – we advise during the briefing but in case of changes please follow advice from Queensland Parks and Wildlife rangers.


What do I do if  the car gets stuck ?

You have basic recovery equipment with instructions in the vehicle. However if you are stuck on an inland track, other cars will stop behind you and people will give you a hand to get going so that they can be on their way again too.


Do you provide a snatch strap ?

No - snatch straps are potentially dangerous and need clear instructions on their use. The briefing we provide is already long just to cover the basics and it is not possible to include advanced recovery techniques.

Your vehicle is equipped with recovery tracks and a shovel, which are safe and easy to use.


What happens if the car breaks down?

You will have to find phone reception or the next payphone to let us know. Depending on the problem and location we will organise a mechanic from Fraser or the mainland. We will make an effort to try to reach you as quickly as possible, but depending on tides and barge availability this can possibly take several hours.


If I return with a morning barge, do I still have to pay for the whole day ?

Yes, vehicle hire for Fraser Island is based on calendar days not  24h periods.  As most people go to Fraser early in the morning we cannot use the vehicle again the same day.


I have never driven a four wheel drive before – can I drive on Fraser Island ?

Many of our customers have never been off road with a vehicle before. During the briefing the important aspects of sand driving and basic recovery techniques are explained and most people get the hang of it quite quickly once they are on Fraser. Conditions change constantly and after a good rain driving on Fraser is easy. When it gets really dry the driving is more challenging and you might have to do some digging to get the vehicle unstuck – it’s all part of the adventure.


Do we need to take extra fuel ?

Our vehicles are diesel, so relatively economical.  For a usual three day trip you will have enough fuel. If you stay longer, there are several fuel stations on the Island. Top up as needed and refuel on the mainland on return. We do not allow Jerry-cans with Diesel to be carried inside the vehicle.


Can I tow a trailer ?

We do not supply cars with towbars for Fraser Island.


I have a lot of equipment, do the cars have roof racks ?

Hire vehicles for Fraser are not permitted by law to carry anything above the roof line so our cars do not have roof racks.


Why are you not on Trip Advisor ?

We never asked to be on Trip Advisor, a few years ago a well meaning customer put our business on their website. Since then we received  “Certificates of Excellence” for at least two years in a row. In February 2018 our listing was deleted by TA with the reasoning that we do not fit their criteria as we are just a car hire business although our competitors listings remain in place. We do not support the philosophy of an organisation which collects supposedly “independent” reviews while acting as a booking agent  for some of the businesses listed at the same time. Conflict of interest? We are surprised they get away with this….


Why is there no Facebook or Twitter logo on your Website ?

While we do have a Facebook page, we have never supported the idea of big companies collecting user data and profiling people without their consent for profit and manipulation. Any website with a Facebook or other social media logo will potentially collect and commercially use your data – by not having the logo on our website we are helping to protect your privacy.