Fraser Island Beach Camping There are different options for camping on Fraser island:

QPWS camping permits ($6.55 per person per night) are required for all camping on Fraser Island except in private campgrounds.

Formal campgrounds with toilets, showers and fenced camping areas are Dundubara on the eastern beach and Central Station in the rainforest. There is also a small fenced campground at lake Boomanjin. Beach camping areas on the easter Beach are divided in zones and have no facilities. All campsites require pre-booking through Fraser Magic, the QLD National Parks website or call 13 13 04.  Waddy point campground and camping zones 8-9  are out of bounds as the most northern point for hire vehicle access is Champagne Pools.

You will need to bring a stove (campfires are not permitted on Fraser Island), food, water (not available in Beach Campsites), cooking equipment etc. Camping gear can be hired as a package with the vehicle (see camping equipment).

If you are staying in the beach camping areas you can use the facilities in the formal campgrounds during the day - bring $2 coins for the shower. - For families with young children fenced campsites are recommended.

As an alternative private campgrounds are available (pre-booking recommended).

  • Dilli Village (07) 4127 9130
  • Frasers at Cathedral Beach (07) 4127 9177
  • Kgari Aboriginal Campground (07) 4127 9303


When booking campsites you need to keep in mind the tides and have a rough idea of your itinerary. In general beach driving is not possible two hours before and after high tide. Depending on the day and the weather these times might need to be extended. Please contact us for further information.